National Conference of State Societies                                                             NCSS GOVERNING BOARD MEETING!!
PO Box 70175 * Washington, DC  20024   
                                                                                                                                             Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 6:30PM 
Cherry Blossom Festival Events - April 5-12, 2015                                        Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital 
                                                                                                                                              921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE* - Washington, DC 
                                                                                                                                                  *(1 block from the Eastern Market Metro station)   

Sapphire Anniversary Sponsor

 Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc (OAPI) is our 2013-2015 Sapphire Anniversary Sponsor

2015 Princess Papers are Due - JANUARY 1, 2015!!!

The 2015 Cherry Blossom Princess Candidate Application Papers are available NOW and in order to get them into us in a timely manner, the deadline for Princess Papers has been extended until JANUARY 1, 2015!  It also represents a new era for the Princess Program in that they are going paperless!!!

We are hoping for 100% participation from our Societies in what will be a centennial year as well celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Gift of the dogwood Trees from the Untied States to Japan.

We have a completely new system this year - so make sure to click on the Princess Program folder in the Menu bar and on the Princess Papers sub-folder. 

Deadline for submitting the on-line application and all supporting documentation listed for the 67th Princess Program Anniversary has been extended until January 1, 2015. NEW THIS YEAR:  These on-line forms will close for editing on January 2, 2015 and we do NOT have paper copies!!!

You can start soliciting now for qualified applicants!!  Do not wait until the last moment to have someone represent your State, Territory, or Embassy!!

If you have someone who would like to be a Junior Cherry Blossom Princess (ages 5 thru 16), the waiver is located in the PRINCESS PROGRAM folder, under the sub-folder listed: Junior Princess Program and it is available NOW as well.

Y.E.S. “Youth Emerging Successfully” Program

The National Conference of State Societies, Cherry Blossom Princess Alumnae and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments teamed together  to assist 35 young women from the DC, MD, and VA area Child Welfare Program as they prepared to attend college/trade school schools in NoVA.  It was an amazing kick-off in July by we still need YOU to help.  Please click on the link: to find out how you OR your Society can help achieve the goal set by our Alumnae for the Holiday season this year!!  Or, check out the Cherry Blossom Princess Sorority page under the PRINCESS PROGRAM TAB at the top of our website.

2014-2015 NCSS Executive Committee

The 2014-2015 NCSS Executive Committee was voted on and unanimously approved as follows:

President -- William Christian, Texas
First Vice President and Festival Chair -- Suzanne New, Illinois
Vice President, External Affairs -- Isapela Coggins, American Samoa
Vice President, Internal Affairs -- Peter Berlowitz, Nebraska
Vice President, Marketing/Public Relations -- Melissa Mediina, California
Treasurer -- Athena Schritz, Montana
Secretary -- Jason Robinson, Kentucky

Congratulations to everyone!!

National Conference Of State Societies Charity Fund

America's Charities helps the Nation’s most trusted charities thrive by generating sustainable income through workplace giving and additional paths. We inspire employers and individuals to reach their philanthropic goals and support the charities of their choice. America's Charities, in partnership with your employer, processes all charitable contributions made through your workplace giving campaign and distributes those funds to your designated charity(ies). Payments are made on a quarterly basis, generally one month after the end of the quarter to allow time for processing.  

Consider making a charitable contribution during this time of open enrollment during the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign through your workplace to the NCSS Education and Charity Fund. 

NCSS Federal Tax ID number #52-0216454
NCSS Charitable Foundation Address:  1027 Broad Branch Court * McLean, VA  22101-2140

2014 united States Cherry Blossom Queen - Rainey Sewell

2014 United States Cherry Blossom Queen, Rainey Sewell, with the Japan Prime Minister

While in Japan this Spring, Rainey Sewell had the opportunity to visit the Japan Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, on her official US Goodwill Ambassador trip.


For many years Art Brown has provided expert accounting advice to NCSS and its chapters often dealing with the complexities of navigating IRS non-profit issues.  Art can be reached at:
Art Brown 
447 Upshire Circle
Gaithersburg, MD  20878
(240) 477-3093 (p)
(240) 238-9215 (f)